Services at All About Podiatry, Runcorn

We are a specialist Podiatry and Chiropody Clinic and we are able to offer a variety of services and treat a variety of conditions  including:

Nails (all types)

We can help with all types of nail problems including Long, Thickened, Fungal, Discoloured and even those that are just too far to reach!

 Callus (Hard Skin)

Get rid of unwanted areas of hard/thickened skin and put the bounce back in your step.


Removal of painful corns from hard to reach areas, makes walking a pleasure again.


Can be very persistent, but with expert care and attention can be banished forever!

Diabetic Footcare

Regarded as one of the most important factors in early detection of diabetic foot problems and can be essential in preventing ulceration.

Diabetic Screening

A yearly check which examines foot pulses and sensation.  We can provide you with a report for your GP/Practice Nurse and can also provide education on diabetic footcare.

Biomechanical Problems

A detailed examination of how you walk, which detects abnormalities and with orthoses corrects abnormal gait which can lead to painful foot problems.

Ingrown Toenails

An extremely painful condition where the nail has penetrated the skin.  These can be treated immediately without need for antibiotics, to give you immediate pain relief.

Achillies Tendonitis

Heel pain can be easily treated with simple insoles and exercises to make walking pain free and pleasurable again.



Blisters are painful, and can make walking a misery, have them expertly treated.

Cracked Heels/Fissures

Can look unsightly, especially in summer sandals, give your feet the makeover they deserve.

Plantar fasciitis 

A debilitating condition that can be treated effectively with orthoses and patience but will definitely be worth the wait!


Podiatry and Chiropody are covered by Medicash/Simply Health and other similar healthcare insurances so if you are a member of any of these Healthcare Insurance providers we can supply a receipt to enable you to claim all or some of the cost of your treatment back.


New Patient Assessment (including treatment) £40.00
12+ Reassessment (including treatment) £35.00
Nail Surgery (including post op appointments and dressings) from £200.00
Biomechanical assessment £35.00
Follow up appointment  £25.00